Project Brief 2040
What will be the future of Transportation in Mega-cities. As more and more people and cars are moving inside the city spaces and at a time there will no room left for motion. So we need to change the architecture system of the vehicle to fit the user and city need together. Beside using the a traditional look, Tried a need look and style for autonomous vehicles. 

Capturing the new theme of future transportation through innovation and technology 

Let see today scenario of transportation.
People travel from one point to another with their own vehicles and most of the time vehicle have only two people inside.  The vehicle is take taking more space on road than the users. So now think about in future with more vehicles on road, there will no space for motion.  So my idea is to take out the two seats out of vehicle and made an another vehicle which can be used for other people and may help in reducing the other environmental effects on this planets.

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